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Dr. Robert Downs, D.C. has over 33 years experience and knowledge in applied clinical nutrition and has lectured abroad nationally and internationally, hosted a weekly radio call-in show for 12 years, and has been published nationally and internationally including Japan from 1979-89. Dr. Downs has used his years of clinical experience to formulate products and is considered by his peers as one of the foremost authorities in applied clinical nutrition.

 Michael K. Lichtenberger is the General Manager and is a graduate of the University of New Mexico. He has a bachelor's degree in Health Science.  Michael's undergraduate studies include an emphasis in applied biology and nutritional science. In the years since graduation, Michael has developed national nutritional products, built a nutritional consulting company, hosted his own nutritional talk show, and written articles in the realm of clinical nutrition and research. Michael's meshing of scientific research and clinical application has been the driving force in the development of R Downs's products and mission.


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